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In image below observe that a not guilty verdict was finally ordered by California Supreme Court and entered into the records.

It is ordered that the plea of not guilty be entered and the complaint is hereby dismissed

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The Welsh language word trugaredd comes from the root word caru, meaning “to love.” Because it includes a sense of kindness and unfailing affection, it is often translated to “mercy,” or “loving-kindness.”

Criticism, blaming and grudge are the opposite of trugaredd. It undermines the motivation to be kind and the capacity to be available to others. The mindfulness approach invites people to explore a different way they relate to themselves and world, with a quality of attention that has trugaredd about it.




At one time, long long time ago, there were only three monks in the whole world and only 3. Yes, only three monks left in the whole world. Unfortunately the monks also knew. They were very concerned that the future of the monastery depended on what they will do. So they set out to ask any wise man how to save the future.  No one was able to help them and every one excused himself/herself. They set out to travel the world to find the answer.  Half way around the world one man told them that the rabbi far far far away on the other side of the world  might have the answer. So they packed and ready to find the wise rabbi.  Finally they found him and could not wait to get an answer. 

Rabbi told them how to cure all their illnesses or cured their illnesses and all other problems, but  that he had absolutely no idea how to save the future of Monastery. So disappointed the monks packed again to leave.  As soon as they opened the door to depart, rabbi called them back and told them that he is now absolutely sure one of them or one of the monks is highly related to God and so closely related to God that he can even be a higher profit as equal as to profit Abraham.  Rabbi also told them that this situation is just a test the same way God gave profit Abraham his 10 tests.

The monks thought rabbi is too old and might have gone weird or lost his mind. They also had no idea who Abraham was. So they thanked him and left to go back.  Back at the monastery they began to think deeply about what rabbi might have meant. Each monk reflected upon the words of rabbi and told himself that it is absolutely  impossible I am related to God or I might be a profit; "I am so full of sins". So each monk came to conclusion that if rabbi is right and for sure I cannot be related to God, one of the other two monks must be related to God.  So each monk believing that the other two might be related to God, began to treat the other two with outmost  respect. After few months the monks were amazed as how much respect each were receiving from the other two so each began to believe, I must be related to God.  The monks also concluded that If I am related to God I deserve better clothing. So each dressed better.  "If I am related to God, I deserve better housing" so each groomed the area and planted flowers, trees. Painted the monastry.....cooked the best food....singing,....

People all over the world wrote and chanted  about the new beautiful monastery. People came from all parts of world to see and enjoy the beautiful flowers, trees, eat the food, and some decided to stay. And those who stayed saved the future of monastery. Moral of the fable:  We are related to God.  Self respect is the best gift one can give to himself/herself.



It's good to have a caring mother.



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